1. Probiotics: 2 different ones here: Friendly Flora and Saccharomyces Boulardil: our gut is a 2nd brain- it is so important to keep it healthy with probiotics, and avoid where possible taking all anti-biotics, which also show up in foods like meat that is not organic.  Take probiotics 1 capsule/day, right before you go to bed (you can take one or the other each day, I switch off, since they have different probiotics, I figure that it’s helpful having both).  I also take a heaping spoonful of yogurt during the day, specifically one that is high on several cultures.  Note: I don’t trust all vitamin manufacturers, I do trust Andrew Lessman for 15+ years- they work and Hesti and I have listened a lot to him speak about vitamins on QVC or HSN.  You can get all these vitamins at .

The rest of these vitamins other than probiotics:  take them with food and not taking all of the different vitamins at the same time, I avoid taking them within a few hours of bedtime.  I try taking in 3 batches at 3 different times I eat a meal or snack: a) Skin/Hair/Joints and Multivitamin b)  Immunity Vitamins (C, D3, Zinc, Quercetin)- taking Immune factors at separate time. c) CoQ10 and Omega 3.

2. Omega 3, Critical for heart, brain, eye, circulatory and overall health, 1 capsule/day

3. CoQ10: essential for metabolizing energy, which our bodies have more and more struggle with as we get older- taking this will give a boost to energy production, 1/day.

4. D3: a critical vitamin for many different reasons, including immune system/fighting flu/colds: target 6000 IU per day.  Note that the multivitamin has D3 in it, so need to total the amount of both to 6000 total.

5.  Multivitamin- this great multivitamin has so much in it.

6. Zinc: need total of no more than 50 mcg.  This one’s 30mcg, then the mutivitamin has 15 mcg, so that gets you where you need to be.  I take a slight bit more (a 50 mcg tablet) when feeling like I may be coming down with flu/cold/am weak. Take at same time you take D3 and Quercetin.

7.Quercetin: great for the heart, lungs, veins, capillaries, decongestant, COVID-19 cure with zinc.

8. Immune Factors: has many anxioxidants that complement Vitamin C, including from mushrooms. I take these when I feel weak/under the weather, as a booster.

9.  Vitamin C, not included.

9. Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails- great help for those.

10. Glucosamine Chrondrotin- in purple packets, take 1 packet a day, this is great on joints- I’ve been using for at least 15 years, can’t run without taking this.

My meals on weekdays for breakfast and lunch: breakfast: organic unsweetened ancient grain oatmeal, topped with organic chopped apple and chopped cantaloupe,  green tea.  Snack and lunch: Spinach (I get raw spinach and gently melt it at low heat in pan that has a few drops olive oil coating the pan), ½ an avocado, 1 carrot, sandwich with ancient grain bread with almond butter or peanut butter with raw honey (raw honey eliminated all my allergies), baked sweet potato slices- great antioxidant.